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Most recently seen on the TEDx stage in Austin, TX… Watch Ellen’s keynote speech Confessions of a Former Mean Girl now:

"If you want a better life — then follow Ellen."

Marci Shimoff, NY Times Bestselling Author of
Chicken Soup For The Woman's Soul

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Keynote Speaker

Ellen gave the keynote speech at the 2018 TEDx Barton Springs Women in Austin, TX. Her passionate speech, Confessions of a Former Mean Girl, is a passionate call to action to women around the world to learn a better, more empowering way of treating one another. In her speech, Ellen declares,“If we’re going to keep rising as women, then we absolutely must start treating one another better.” Her message of collaboration over competition is perfect for any audience in need of inspiration, motivation and change.

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Horse Lover

Ellen was the very person in history to receive a Division I Varsity Letter from jumping horses in college. She’s won countless blue ribbons and championship metals across the country. You can still find Ellen on the back of horse most weekends, jumping as high as possible.

#1 BestSelling Author

Ellen’s book, Breakups Are A Bitch, But Getting Over It Doesn’t Have To Be! was called “a brilliant path to rebuild your life” by Dr. John Gray, the author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Her empowering message has reached over 10 million women around the world.

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Founder & CEO

Ellen is the Founder & CEO of The Society of Women Entrepreneurs, an Austin, TX based community of over 3000 female business owners. The Society of WE helps women make their business dreams come true by offering community, mentorship and support to women at all levels of business. Ellen and her team are deeply committed to making sure that women have the tools necessary to succeed — both in their personal lives and their businesses.

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Advocate For Sisterhood

Ellen is a leader in the women’s empowerment movement, and she can often be found speaking from stage about the power of true Sisterhood. Ellen’s stand for women, her ability to create authentic connection, and her members’ love and commitment to empowering each other are the reasons why The Society of WE community has grown so rapidly in just two shorts year. Ellen fully intends to begin creating “Sister Chapters” around the country later this year.

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Confessions of a Former Mean Girl

TEDx, Austin, TX

Women are on the rise, but are they still in competition with one another? Ellen’s session highlights the new “State of Sisterhood,” and what women can do to remain empowering of one another during the women’s empowerment movement. Watch now:


I look for authenticity and proof in someone whose work I follow, and I can honestly say that Ellen Smoak is one of the most sincere, dynamic, and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. Her groundbreaking work is infused with wisdom, compassion, and clarity, creating a safe space for you to find the happiness and success you’re looking for. If you want a better life — then follow Ellen. She’s is a true change agent, and I give her my full blessings, support, and recommendation. Read her books and take her courses – Let the spark of this fireball transform your life forever!

MARCI SHIMOFF | #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, Happy For No Reason, Love For No Reason

Ellen Smoak is a rare gem in this industry, and a complete pleasure to work with!

Debra Poneman | Bestselling Author and Founder of Yes To Success

Ellen spoke at my Enlightened Bestseller Event — and man was I impressed! Our budding authors and experts were all ears the entire time Ellen was on stage. She was engaging and thorough. Ellen has terrific stage presence, gives tremendously value, and is a true delight to be around. I highly recommend her if you’re looking to both educate and inspire your audience.

Chris Attwood | #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Passion Test

I highly recommend that you hire Ellen to support you in realizing the potential you hold for impact and success.

Katherine Woodward Thomas | New York Times Bestseller of Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After

She’s full of integrity, talent, and has a heart of gold. Ellen Smoak is an unstoppable force of nature.

Phil Town | Investor, CNBC, MSNBC and New York Times #1 bestselling author of Rule #1 and Payback Time

Ellen Smoak will be the best friend you’ve ever had, as she takes you by the hand and shows you how to create the life of your dreams.

Arielle Ford | Bestselling author, The Soulmate Secret

A true teacher, Ellen Smoak walks her talk. The countless women she’s empowered are proof.

Erika Herman | Nutritional Consultant & Author of Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess

What Women Say After Hearing Ellen Speak


Ellen captivated our entire audience from start to finish, and many of us were still discussing it two days later! Plus, her professionalism in preparing for an event and in communicating afterward is at the highest level. Anyone looking to inspire and galvanize culture change and increase the numbers of women rising in leadership in their organization would do well to bring Ellen in!

SHELLY DELAYNE | Owner, Orange Co-Working


Listening to Ellen speak left me feeling profoundly moved and inspired. I would highly recommend Ellen as a speaker for any audience that wants to feel something, not just learn something. Ellen will powerfully moved your audience into action, not just temporarily inspire them.

JOLIE DAWN, Bestselling Author


Ellen is so inspiring. She not only brings a refreshing look at how we women can raise one another up, but also lives it by creating spaces where women can fully show up and know that they matter. Ellen’s approach is transformative because she allows herself to be vulnerable. Women can see aspects of themselves through her story, while gaining new insights on how to show up powerfully for themselves moving forward. 

MARUXA MURPHY, Founder & CEO, Perky Perky Coffee Company


Ellen speaks to the power of choice, and your ability to turn things around in your life. She’s a powerful speaker, thought leader, and change-maker. I’m incredibly grateful to see Ellen’s message inspire women to step into their divine feminine power through the lens of collaboration and true sisterhood.

LAURA BAUTISTA, Holistic Health Practitioner

Ellen’s Message

Is Your Audience The Right Fit?

Ellen’s TEDx keynote speech, Confessions of a Former Mean Girl, is a passionate call-to-action for women around the world to learn a better, more empowering way of treating one another. In her speech, she declares,“If we’re going to keep rising as women, then we absolutely must start treating one another better.”  Ellen is on a mission to inspire women around the world with this message. If you have a community of women, now is the perfect time to bring Ellen in as your speaker to inspire your audience for change. Together, we can help women move from competition to collaboration — in the boardroom, and beyond.



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“She's full of integrity, talent, and has a heart of gold. Ellen Smoak is an unstoppable force of nature."

Phil Town, 3x New York Times Bestselling Author